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Expecting a child, is maybe one of the biggest chances you have to really connect with yourself in a new way. It’s a time with big possibilities for personal growth and development.

Putting the experience in to words can be difficult. By receiving counseling, you can get help to process thoughts and emotions, and feel better equipped to handle the birth and the postnatal period.

Counseling/ cognitive therapy can be helpful for you if you..

  • Are worried or feeling anxious about getting pregnant
  • Experience birth anxiety or you’re so worried about the upcoming birth that it overshadows the positive expectations of the labor
  • Have previous births that you experienced as hard or difficult, and want to work through
  • Need to be proactive towards a postnatal depression
  • Experience uneasiness, sadness or depression before or after the birth
  • If your living situation is difficult, as a result of issues related to your past, present and/or future.

You can receive counseling/ cognitive therapy as you receive your prenatal care, by adding extra time to your appointment.

If you need, we can have separate appointments for counseling/cognitive therapy. We will adjust to your needs.
We also offer counseling/cognitive therapy after the arrival of your baby.

What is cognitive therapy?
Cognitive therapy is an exercise where you develop the ability to explore your own thoughts, and question the set pattern of thinking that you are used to. The approach has developed to a sought after way of therapy. It’s a research based, down to earth, easily understood and applicable method that can show to good results. The principles for cognitive therapy are relevant for a whole line of issues. Most people can experience a benefit from the cognitive method, as self-help when situations in life are difficult, or to bring out and develop your own inherent resources.  (For more information, go to – only in Norwegian)

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