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Fem jordmødre is a private midwife center, located at Forus in Sandnes municipality. We are experienced and committed midwifes who also work in the labor and delivery ward at Stavanger Universitetssykehus.

Being pregnant is a natural process in life, and for many women it’s a phase that you go through without to many big problems. Still, it may require some adjustments from your employer. As midwifes we have a lot of knowledge about how to care for the pregnant woman in a work environment in cooperation with her employer.

Fem jordmødre offers:

A three party conversation:  A conversation between the pregnant woman, her employer and a midwife. Each conversation will last approximately one hour.

First session: Early in the pregnancy, about week 12 or earlier. To inform about rights and duties, identifying environmental factors in the specific work environment, and suggestions on how to accommodate the woman.

Second session: Approximately in week 22, to evaluate the actions taken and consider if new actions should be taken.

Third session: will take place around week 30, again to evaluate and consider further action.

In the first part of the session it’s just the midwife and the pregnant woman talking. In the second part, the employer is invited in. The session will reveal if there’s a need for actions to accommodate the pregnant woman in order for her to do her job or maybe she needs to get different assignments? The ordinary changes in a pregnancy will also be discussed, as well as what the woman can do herself to prevent aliments. The sessions, and measures taken will be written down in an individual plan that works as a contract between the employer and pregnant employee.
These sessions are not a part of the ordinary prenatal care.

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