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At Fem jordmødre we want to listen to you and your needs, your thoughts about the pregnancy and other thoughts or concerns you may experience while pregnant. Our goal is for you to feel safe and taken care of while expecting a baby.

When can you contact us?
You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy. If you contact us in the first trimester, we can achieve a good and continual connection throughout your entire pregnancy.  A pregnancy is also a process for the mother and father, and by contacting us early we can help and support you at every step of the way.

How many times should/could you receive prenatal care?
We follow “A national Clinical Guideline for antenatal care” (
These state that you should receive at least eight check-ups during a pregnancy. This includes the routine ultrasound in week 18 – 20 for healthy pregnant women. If you have the need, or want a closer follow-up, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Can I have my prenatal care solely with a midwife?
Some women have their check-ups alternately with a midwife and their doctor. Some women just see their doctor and some just see the midwife. If you wish, you can receive all your prenatal care at Fem jordmødre. You will than have more time for different subjects or whatever you feel the need to discuss with us, and this will also give you a good continuity in your care. We will not hesitate to refer you to the doctor or the hospital if your pregnancy requires attention beyond what we can provide.



  • The physical and psychological changes for the mother in the pregnancy.
  • How to maintain good health physical and psychological while pregnant.
  • The development, growth and sensing of the
  • The couple relation when you are expecting a child.

Most people experience their pregnancy as a joyous and exiting time.
Sometimes the physical and psychological changes can be experienced a bit difficult. When feeling this way, it can be helpful to be met with understanding, experience and guidance so that the situation can be easier for you to handle.
How best to take care of your relationship and family during this time?

How does the body work during labour? How can you as a mother-to-be trust your body?

What can you expect from the midwife in the delivery room?
What kinds of equipment and pain medication are available, and how to they work?

At what time does the doctor need to be called when you’re in labor?

How do you feel about the things you can’t plan in advance?

Maybe you have issues from a previous birth you need to talk through?

We can provide you with labor preparing sessions, and have pre labor classes that are held at the hospital with other pregnant couples.

new born
Is there anyone to help us with our baby? What about breastfeeding? Can I do anything to make the breastfeeding easier? Maybe you feel uncertain about caring for a new baby? How to prepare to come home after the delivery? What can I expect of follow-ups and help? Or maybe you have other questions or concerns?
We wish to answer your questions and give you the support, care and information you need so that you can go through your pregnancy feeling safe and have a good experience.

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