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In the following six weeks after the birth, your body will go through a process of change, from a pregnant state to a non-pregnant state.
Therefor we take measure your blood pressure, your hemoglobin and take a urine sample. We make sure that the uterus is well contracted and that the postpartum bleed is decreasing. If you’ve had any tears or stiches, we can look to see that they’ve healed nicely.

Finally we listen to you telling us about your labor and delivery. As midwifes we think this is very important. With our knowledge and competence from our work in the delivery ward, we can explain and help you work through questions about your experience.

The session is adapted to you and questions and topics that are important to you.

You can bring up any questions or topics you may have, such as breastfeeding, sex, birth control, sleep, working out, nutrition, the life as new parents or other general questions we can help you with.

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