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The prenatal session will be held in English.
This Prenatal session is for pregnant women and their partners, and for those who are single and pregnant.

Individually prenatal session

NOK 2000

It is a 2 1/2 hour course held at our Clinic Fem jordmødre, Luramyrveien 25 a, 4313 Sandnes.

The best time to attend this course is during the last trimester of pregnancy.

The aim of this birth preparation course is to prepare you for labour and birth, and to give you knowledge and confidence that will help you to have a positive experience.

– The time when the Labour starts and the sign of labour. When to contact the hospital.
– The process and the stages of labour and delivery
– What to expect and how to support a woman in labour
– How to cope with the pain, including relaxation, movement, massage and acupuncture
– Pain relief options
– The first hours after the baby is born
– Birth complications and medical interventions
– A film from the delivery department and “Fødeloftet”, as well as the postnatal unit and postnatal hotel

Light refreshment will be served

To sign up for the course please contact me at
We will make an appointment.

As course organiser, I have 24 years experience as a qualified midwife.
I work at Stavanger University Hospital and at Fem jordmødre (Five midwives), a private midwifery centre offering pre-and postnatal care.
I have also worked as a midwife in a developing country as well as having taught midwifery in the English language.
Best regards

Åshild Berg    mobile 99610150

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