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Welcome to Fem Jordmødre

We are experienced and dedicated midwifes with different specialties within our practice. Together we wish to offer you prenatal care for all aspects of your pregnancy, and accommodate your needs when you are expecting a baby, and in the important first few weeks after the baby is born.
Fem jordmødre is a private midwife center and you do not need a referral to book an appointment.

Availability – presence and time for you.

We emphasize availability, presence and our focus on you.


We are following all government guidelines in order to prohibit the spread of COVID19.
We therefore kindly ask you cancel your appointment via email if:
You are currently in quarantine
You have been in contact with someone infected with COVID19
You have been in contact with someone experiencing any of the following symptoms;
fever, a cold, coughing, runny nose or sneezing, sore throat, heavy breathing, headache and laxity, reduced sense of smell or taste and muscle aching.

We are exercising the following measures:

Have you been in a municipality (kommune) in Norway with an increased risk of exposure to a mutated variant of Sars-CoV2-virus the last 10 days?  Than you must wait for ten days before you can come to Fem jordmødre. Please contact us for a new appointment. 

Partners or other person living in the same household are welcome to join. We ask you of to use face mask.

For other appointments we would like you to come alone.
You are expected to be on time. We are no longer making use of our waiting room, so you will wait in the hallway by the elevator until we come to collect you for your appointment. Good if you could use face mask for ultrasound.
You are expected to disinfect your hands before entering.
We will limit the time we are in close proximity to you to 15 minutes [closer than 2 meter].

We clean all surfaces we have been in contact with after use, including the payment terminal
We apologize about these strict measures, but see it as necessary during the current circumstances in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

We will arrange Childbirth preparation course 7 th of September at our Clinic with maximum 10 perople.
The course will include a film from the delivery department, as well as the postnatal unit and the postnatal hotel.

Individual Childbirth preparation course, included a film from the hospital, is possible anytime.

Contact information:



Prenatal Care

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The six-weeks follow-up

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Antenatal Accupuncture

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Counseling / Cognitive therapy

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Childbirth Preparation Course

This Childbirth Preparation Course is for pregnant women and their partners, and for those who are single and pregnant.
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