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Prenatal care, 55 minutes: 750 NOK

Prenatal care, 25 minutes: 600 NOK

Acupuncture in pregnancy, 30 minutes: 600 NOK

Prenatal care and acupuncture, 55 minutes: 800 NOK

Counseling/cognitive therapy, 50 minutes: 850 NOK

Postpartum follow-up, 50 minutes: 750 NOK

Individual antenatal session: 2000 NOK

Ultrasound: 950 NOK

3D or 4D ultrasound: 1200 NOK

Home visits: by appointment

Company contract: by appointment

We would like to inform you that appointments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged full price. (Does not apply to sudden illness)

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