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In Norway pregnant women are offered a routine ultrasound in week 18 – 20, as a part of the national guidelines in pregnancy. In this examination the midwife or doctor looks at the number of fetuses, the length of the pregnancy and the placement of the placenta. Your expected delivery date is set by measuring the fetal head and the femur. The fetus will also be closely examined to see that it’s developing normally. Although this is a thorough examination, not all abnormalities can be detected.
In other countries there’s an offer to have an ultrasound in week 12 and another one in week 32. Some women and couples wish to see their baby and get to know them a little bit by the help of 3D and 4D ultrasound (3D live). The best view of the baby, is usually possible after week 24 in the pregnancy, but this may vary. How the baby has placed itself in the womb will determine the quality of the pictures.
Ultrasound examinations in pregnancy are documented to be safe and not harm the mother or the baby in any way.
If you want to have more ultrasound examinations, I can offer this at Fem Jordmødre, in our facilities in Sandnes Næringspark in Forus, between Sandnes and Stavanger.

Services and rates

  • 3D and 4D ultrasound
  • Routine ultrasound
  • Early ultrasound
  • Growth control
  • Control of the baby’s position
  • Vaginal ultrasound (to confirm pregnancy early, measuring the cervix length

An ultrasound examination lasts about 30 minuets


Ultrasound: 950 NOK

3D or 4D ultrasound: 1200 NOK

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