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Prenatal Care

At Fem jordmødre we want to listen to you and your needs, your thoughts about the pregnancy and other thoughts or concerns you may experience while pregnant.
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In Norway pregnant women are offered a routine ultrasound in week 18 – 20, as a part of the national guidelines in pregnancy.
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Counseling / Cognitive therapy

Expecting a child, is maybe one of the biggest chances you have to really connect with yourself in a new way. It’s a time with big possibilities for personal growth and development.
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Antenatal Accupuncture

Acupuncture can be used in the end of the pregnancy, to strengthen the body’s resources and help the cervix to mature, so that the labor starts around the delivery date, and help prevent you from exceeding the expected delivery date.
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Childbirth Preparation Course

This Childbirth Preparation Course is for pregnant women and their partners, and for those who are single and pregnant.
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The postnatal period

Most women who have experienced being pregnant, go through the process of pregnancy and delivery in a good and satisfying way.
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When the labor and delivery is over with a mix of emotions, a new and exciting phase is here: BREASTFEEDING.
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The six-weeks follow-up

In the following six weeks after the birth, your body will go through a process of change, from a pregnant state to a non-pregnant state.
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Home Visits

Sometimes it’s not enough for you to come to us at Fem jordmødre after the birth.
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Pregnanat and working

Fem jordmødre is a private midwife center, located at Forus in Sandnes municipality. We are experienced and committed midwifes who also work in the labor and delivery ward at Stavanger Universitetssykehus.
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