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Acupuncture can be used in the end of the pregnancy, to strengthen the body’s resources and help the cervix to mature, so that the labor starts around the delivery date, and help prevent you from exceeding the expected delivery date.  Hopefully, this will help you to avoid a chemical/medical induction of labor. Another benefit is that the labor itself can progress faster. In addition to this, experience shows that the mother recovers more quickly after the birth. Acupuncture may also contribute to help the mother to sleep better and have more energy before the birth. If the pregnant woman is uneasy and worried before the labor, there are some specific acupuncture points that can be calming. If a mother is experiencing problems with breastfeeding, acupuncture can help with this as well.

All of us at Fem Jordmødre have a degree in acupuncture from Akupunkturhøyskolen I Oslo. Our education  is only for midwifes, and lets us use acupuncture as a tool from week 37, through labor and the postnatal period.

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